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Spencer Larsen

One reason I think they don't run a lot of short slants and ins and stick routes is that most teams tend to line up with a lot of people close to the line of scrimmage which increases the risk of a LB dropping out of a blitz into a zone and picking off the pass and taking it the other way much like Haggan did. The way the offense runs right now puts a lot of pressure on the middle of the defense and as a result there are a lot of players there, the safe passes will be short outs, smokes, flares, getting the ball away from the middle.

For gimmick players, a guy like Russell Wilson might be an option, he is a QB at Wisconsin who is less than 6'0 so he won't be a QB in the NFL, but he can run and pass and shows decent speed.

It was Fells who gave up the safety to Allen, he got blown 3 yards back into the end zone on the initial contact.

Go back to 2005, we were in the AFC championship game (our last playoff game), we were winning but not pretty and in the draft we went all out to get a 1st round QB. Of course we are not going to go 13-3 this year and we may not go to the AFC Championship game, but we are winning right now which is something we haven't done consistently since 2005.
I just don't think we are going to make the same mistake as last time, we had a decent team and instead of getting a player that could improve a position of weakness (Broderick Bunkley), we retooled the offense. In the 2012 draft we have to improve the team, we have to address a position that right now is weak, and the positions right now that could be improved a lot are CB, OG and MLB, with DT as an outsider. We can improve the defense or offensive line this year and wait to see if Tebow keeps working or needs to replaced and replace him if we have to without losing anything.
The biggest mistake right now is to break what is working and avoid addressing what is broken - Mcdaniels made that mistake, Shanahan made that mistake, for the love of all that is chocolate lets not make that mistake for a third time.

One point on Von, guess who had the huge fumble recovery on the Ponder fumble? Hunter and who did he play for on that play? That is right Von Miller. I am not dogging on Miller because he could just as easily have made those plays, but the replacements for Miller stepped up hugely and that really reflects very strongly on the coaching staff.

Tebow will almost certainly go to Hawaii, right now Brady, Roethlisberger and either Flacco, Rivers or Fitzpatrick will be voted in. Rivers has a million INTs and plays for a bad team so that will count against him, Fitzpatrick has fallen off the bottom of the charts and I don't think Flacco is that popular among non Baltimore fans. Tom Brady will almost certainly find a way to not go, so the first alternate should get an invite even if Roethlisberger finds a way to avoid raping the wind screen of a toyota with his head.
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