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Bears defense will create a challenge to the Broncos running up the score...
They will be ready... what has me nervous is how hard Fox will slam the breaks on Tebow given the Bears defensive woes.

If we lost Sunday, it would not have to be because the best team won, but because the brakes where slammed on Tebow too hard namely in the first half and when we were not too far behind.

Game ball DT's break out game, hot seat John FOX for the play-calling that almost cost us the game thanks to the breaks put on Tebows game when we are behind.

I really enjoyed the cast. BTW Broncbow is a he.

Bears’ defense has Tim Tebow in its sights

Injuries to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte haven’t altered the dynamic of an intriguing showdown Sunday — Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers and the Bears defense vs. Tim Tebow.

The Bears are ranked 20th in total defense in the NFL. But with speed and solid tacklers, they are built as well as any to stop the run-oriented Tebow offense. By rushing 34 times and rarely throwing against the Jets, Tebow turned Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis into a liability in the fourth quarter. But the Bears have tacklers all over the field.

‘‘This is option football,’’ Bears coach Lovie Smith said. ‘‘Our defense is based on sound, option principles. But we don’t have a lot of our option responsibilities ironed out each week. So this is forcing a lot of teams in the league to be sound in all of those things.

‘‘But our defense is set up to play this type of offense. They have a unique athlete at quarterback, who can really run over you and throw the ball. He poses a lot of different problems. There will be some challenges with this offense.’’