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Good show gentleman. Loving it.

Something however did strike a nerve.

Hearing Tebow less refined is just a hard pill to swallow. But what he lacks in prototypical refinement he more than compensates for with his unrefined unorthodox manner.

This guy has had one of the longest most horendous windups in the history of the game...

Prototypical refinement has clearly proven not to be the be all end all when it comes to success in the NFL. Tebow is refined when it comes to not throwing INT's, refined when it comes to his ability to remain composed and buying time rather than being a "scrambler" Type QB.

Didn't like hearing how the coaches would argue they're protecting Tebow. Not saying do would not attempt that argument, but when you have a guy throw it on 3rd and long in the first half like they have been instead of giving him unpredictable pass plays outside of nickle and dime packages, then this turns out to be the antithesis of protection when it comes to taking credit for Tebows refined ability to protect the ball. This is what earned him the NCAA Dividsion 1A 4-year passer rating record. I think Luck might be jacking that record this season however, nothing like playing in the lame Pac 10-12.

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