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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
I had a theory on why Julius Thomas may be inactive though.

All the reports I read on him after the draft said that his blocking absolutely sucks, so I would imagine that with us being such a run heavy team at the moment that it's hard to justify having him out on the field very often. He may well be our best receiving talent in the group, but if his blocking is so poor is it really worth having him out there for maybe a decent reception or two each game when our running game is suffering as a result of his crappy blocking?
That could be it, although Rosario's never been known as a dynamic blocker either. Interestingly enough, Green's scouting report coming out was that of a really athletic receiver who was god awful at blocking, and somehow he's become their exclusive blocking TE and was pointed out by Xanders as such.

Per Thomas, I just don't know beyond him possibly not being healthy. I noticed him open a few times against the Raiders and Tebow overthrough him one time and I don't think saw him the others. My only other theory could be that he may suck on special teams and at this point - with Fells the clear starter and Green their "blocker" - they may view Rosario as the best STer. Just a theory, but if you saw the two in camp it was no contest as Rosario wasnt in Thomas' league. That's why he he was cut initially.
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