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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by fontaine
That's very true. The Kinks had volumes of great stuff but they do make great covers.
I really cannot think of anyone doing a bad Kinks cover right off the top of my head (ok, maybe The Stranglers but that's still a maybe...they push it ), but I can think of many great's odd.

You're right about the Chocolate WatchBand. Their cover of I'm not like Everybody Else is a solid. I've tried to find more stuff by them but I know they didn't make a album as far as I know, just a bunch of singles that I haven't been able to source.
I discovered the Watchband like most everyone else the early 80's thru Rhino's Nuggets series with the great "Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In?). They released three proper albums and then a couple of anthologies and all have appeared on CD: No Way Out,The Inner Mystique and One Step Beyond are extremely hard to find're in the UK or Ireland I believe, if so you stand a great chance of locating them (outside of eBay that is). IMO, The Rhino Best Of is by far the best of the lot...but you're better to locate the vinyl release from 1983 than you are the CD reissue because the "studio remix" nearly ruins the disc. (I consider the "remixed for CD" to be a curse with Agent Orange's When You Least Expect It EP...the remix takes what once was a great record and makes it damn near unlistenable)...There's another compilation out there called 44, but I've never heard it, so I can't tell you about the sound quality.

Hope that helps...good luck and lemme know how you make out if you try to search for them.

If you like that song then you should check out a new version by a dude called Monti Beton. The song featured during the ending credits of a Sopranos episode. I think it was newish one where Tony has all these issues with anger and his sister Janice goes into group therapy for the same thing after punching out another soccer mom during a game.
Never heard that version...I gotta start watching that show...being into Mob movies like I am, I've never had the oppertunity to check it out.

I know it's changing the subject but did you ever get into Creedence or Neil Young?
Something about John Fogerty bugs me, always has...I can't put my finger on it. I was never really into Creedence as a result. I don't hate them or anything like that, they're just kinda there to me.

I find Neil Young to be extremely spotty. I love the know Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Harvest & Tonight's The Night and use Decade to sum up the rest of that period....other than a track or two from a CD here and there, I haven't been really interested in his recent stuff since 1990 or so. I've seen him in concert a couple of times but I've never seen him do an electric show.

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