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Originally Posted by Hogan11

Funny thing about Kinks tunes IMO is that they make for even better covers...I like The Kinks and all, but I'm hard pressed to think of another artist who's covers by others are better than the originals...of course, that's just my opinion.

Ever hear the version of "I'm Not LIke Everybody Else" by The Chocolate Watchband?? ....That's my fave version of that song....I loved The Chocolate Watchband anyways...them and Love were two semi-obsecure 60's acts I got into heavily..great, great stuff.
That's very true. The Kinks had volumes of great stuff but they do make great covers.

You're right about the Chocolate WatchBand. Their cover of I'm not like Everybody Else is solid. I've tried to find more stuff by them but I know they didn't make a album as far as I know, just a bunch of singles that I haven't been able to source.

If you like that song then you should check out a new version by a dude called Monti Beton. The song featured during the ending credits of a Sopranos episode. I think it was newish one where Tony has all these issues with anger and his sister Janice goes into group therapy for the same thing after punching out another soccer mom during a game.

I know it's changing the subject but did you ever get into Creedence or Neil Young?

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