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Originally Posted by DrFate View Post
I try to avoid terms like 'blameless' (because of concepts such as complimentary football). But if it's McGahee up the middle on 1st and 2nd down, how is Tebow to blame for 3rd and 12?

You and I are pretty much agreeing (again) but I feel I've been consistent across threads that the playcalling isn't helping the 3rd down conversion numbers that seems to be the focus.
This is where I'm at. I wish Elway would just shut the heck up or someone have the stones to counter his "we got to get better on 3rd downs" with you ran the dive play 8 consective drives for zero or one yard. How do you expect a team to convert 3rd downs when it's 2nd and 10 and you yourself said publicly they let Tim loose in the 4th quarter inferring we are playing some sort of stone age offense up until that point

Elway has already backtracked on his Monday comments saying last night the team is "hopeful" Tim is our QBOTF. Dumbass should have said that to begin with. It's not "rocket surgery" especially when you are dealing with the pneonomn known as "Tim Tebow"
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