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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Bronco Yoda View Post
Great show everyone.

That's really concerning that agents are already calling the FO and backing us away from their (WR's?). Can't stop thinking on that one...
That was a rumor from a station where 3/4ths of the staff hate Tebow. It's completely bogus for several reasons.

1. Seniors <s>don't</s> can't have agents right now per NCAA rules, so who exactly contacted the team? "Hi I may or may not be an agent for a receiver who may be on your board at some time. Please don't draft them because right now your passing games sucks and it might still next year."
2. When has this ever happened? An agent is responsible for getting their player drafted as high as possible regardless of the quality of the passing team they go to. Was Calvin Johnson stoked to catch passes from Dan Orlovsky?

Montrose has fed me a few rumors his station and several stink to high heaven and you have to consider the sources. My favorite was when someone at the Ticket told him Bowlen was going to hire Dennison and bring back Ted Sundquist just for the nostalgia factor. We all know how that turned out.
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