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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I still think the Broncos handled it as well as they could.
I know you do, Taco. And that's cool.

I said it at the time (feel free to verify), I don't think they could have handled it worse. (I'm not even using the hindsight of Orton being cut loose yesterday for zero compensation.)

I was yelling from the rooftops (as was a good section of this board) - Orton wasn't coming back, it made no sense to give him any playing time.

Trade Orton, Cut Orton, Trade Tebow, Cut Tebow - the worst way to mismanage the situation was to keep both, play Orton, and lie to everyone about a supposed QB competition. The had at least FIVE options, and they chose 'Q - the worst option possible'. On that score, the FO gets an F.

Overall, I think the front office gets a higher grade than Rev gave. They took a 4 win team and right now are 5-5. If results are what counts, those are the results.

Great job on the podcast.

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