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Mike Shanahan

I have regrets about this one:

1. I wanted to RANT about the option after SoCal went into depth explaining it and what we're doing. I wanted to expand on that by dispelling the misnomer of this being a dumbed down offense and people referring to it as a college offense and 1930s etc, but in reality how difficult it is to run and execute as a QB with so many split reads after the snap. Much difficult than a standard passing progression.

2. I also wanted to answer the 3rd down play calling question from the podcast questions thread since it was a good one. We had only TWO 3rd downs less than 3rd and 5 in the Jets game (both 3-2) and one of them was bumped to a 3-7 thanks to a Decker false start. That's the primary contributor to poor 3rd down conversion rate. We averaged 3-8 on 3rd down which is unacceptable. Out of those, most were STILL called run plays or short screen/flat passes. That's not an opportunity to succeed on a consistent basis. Used sparingly, those are extremely valuable 3rd down plays, but absolutely not with regularity when consistently placing yourself in 3rd and long situations. That just won't cut it.

We had TOO much to get to and frankly just not enough time, but was a great time having a full house tonight for the first time ever for sure!
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