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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
If they fold with Leinart and miss the playoffs, does Kubiak get another free pass or does he get the ax?
They're already two games up on Tenn so if they fold entirely, I think it'd be reasonable to axe him. He'd have thrown away too much talent. I just can't see them not winning the division so finally making the playoffs will be enough considering their QB went down for the year.

Just look at their win over the Bucs. Shaub was 11/15 for 242 but 158 yds of that came on two plays and both were big run after the catch plays. Take those away and he's 9/13 for 84 yds. That was good enough to destroy TB. If he can't eek out a few more wins and back into the playoffs with that, he deserves to lose his job. I just don't see it happening.
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