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Tim Tebow

I didn't want to get into it with anyone here. Shanny's shanny, and he's working for the most impatient owner in the game, and possibly the slimiest. Shanny always brought in the best players he could regardless of cost and regardless of how that might impact the team the next year. Even when he drafted Lambchop, BM, Kuper, Shiftler and Doom, he still traded a pick for Javon Walker after dumping Lelie. If you're rebuilding, you dont' trade a two for a wr with a bad knee and even worse attitutde. I'm not gonna bother with another post-mortem here. He's the best coach Den has ever seen, and I don't think Fox will change that, though I think Fox is a perfect fit for this job right now.

I just don't see him as having the patience to sit a schaub or somebody and develop them, or suffer the pains of a first/second year starter unless a guy like Lambchop can somehow fall to him.

He'd still might be a good fit in a place like Harbaugh got where there was young talent, but the staff was incompetent. Chicago might fit. And that's not because of Cutler the individual but just that he's a talented player, and the team has some talent on both sides. Det's coach doesn't seem up to the chore. Thank God SD didn't hire him until their front office got rid of talent.
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