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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post

Didn't Shanny break out the Option with Cutler when they started losing RB's back in 2008?

Would it be that hard to sort out timing assuming Tebow has done it most of his playing career or is it more timing for the OL and practice time needed for them to get in-sync?

Does anyone know for sure that they haven't been working on an option here or there over the last couple weeks knowing that eventually everyone would be adjusting to the QB/HB option? It will surely be interesting to see what they do to build on the success of last week vs KFC.

I am only 15 minutes in but love it so far. Going to have to catch a few minutes here and there. Great job guys but I miss Kahn, us mancrush guys have to stick together! Ok that didn't sound right in light of the Sandusky stuff, just incase my words get bent out of context man crushes do not imply penetration or spit swapping, just admiration.
They broke out the option this week. Looking like Fox and McCoy may have had a long term plan to find ways to win with Tebow and build on it each week.
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