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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
If you expand the format a couple hours I could do an episode on Gene and the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo projects and how his philosophy and experiences are essential and can be adapted to right the Broncos franchise. I just don't think 90 minutes would be enough time.

Or I could get DEATHSicle to do a 90 minute freeform synth jam based on the Dave Smith Mopho mono synth. That way I could justify buying a Moogerfooger Ring Mod and Digitech Timebender pedals to the wife of DEATHSicle as they would be instrumental to the piece. She might go for that, or at least not roll her eyes when DEATHSicle buys them.
Only if the music video has me in the background of Michelle Beisner at Dove Valley holding a new video card standing next to Aaron Francisco.
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