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Finally got to listen to the podcast this week, and was rewarded with the return of Montrose. Unfortunately, no Kaylore. Both of those guys need to get priorities straightened out going forward.

A few thoughts...

-Taco continues to surprise me by saying things that are generally logical and sensible.

-On Tebow's completion percentage - The notion that it's OK for him to be in the high 40's isn't realistic. We've had a difficult time converting 3rd downs, and that gets down to being able to throw a ball accurately. It's one thing when you're playing the Raiders, who hand you 1st downs regularly and keep you in the game. But, if we were playing the Packers on Sunday... we would have been routed. When it's 3rd and 6... you have to be able to throw the ball accurately. 48% doesn't get it done in those situations, and you can't pick those up with your legs every time.

That's not a knock on Tebow. To the contrary, I think if he can get his % up in the middle of the pack (high 50's low 60's) ... he'll be very dangerous.

-Intangible effect - Tebow definitely has it. As I've said before, like Plummer or not... he brought that with him and we started winning. I wasn't an Orton-hater.. but I certainly recognize that he didn't fire the team up like Tebow seems to.

-Taco - "Knowing what we know now about Hillis..." - C'mon partner, many of us were onto this a long time ago. The notion of paying him a big salary is insanity. Even the Browns aren't that stupid.

-SoCal - "Let's make Bob cry in his Captain Crunch." Love it.

-One general note - From week to week it seems like the crew goes a little extreme to extreme. Could be a product of being fans, which I like. (I don't want to hear a podcast by people completely impartial.) But, it seems like... one week we're garbage and the front office is a joke... the next week we're praising off-season moves. One week Moreno is useful, the next useless. Eddie Royal is useless, then an all-star. Seems to me like there may be a bit broader view that could be taken on things. The need to use extremes is a modern phenomena generated by networks like ESPN who feel they need to go there to be relevant. You guys have a chance to take a more sensible view on things, which is an appealing counter-option to the MSM. (Think Tebow... he either sucks or he's awesome with most in the MSM, and neither is true yet.)

-Lots of good X's and O's talk. Love SoCal's insights into the offense. This is the kind of stuff that you'll never get from MSM, and is invaluable to hardcore fans.

-You touched on the KC game towards the end. I personally would have liked to hear a bit more on the upcoming game. (In general.) Breaking down the opponent a bit, etc. (You did some of that, and it was pretty good.)

-Taco - Agree that 90 minutes is a pretty good length. Gives enough time to cover the prior game... the big picture... and next week's games.

-Around the Boards - Good stuff.

-Not having a podcast next week: Unacceptable, even though I may not have time to listen... the option needs to be there. Skype works from the internet, Taco. Get it together. Don't give me the "work" excuse. From where do you think I'm typing this?

Overall - A fun listen. Thanks for putting these together.
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