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Matt Russell

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Whoa whoa whoa

Everybody calm dalm. Sandusky's the criminal here and Schultz and Curley aren't too far behind for covering it up.

As for Paterno, Sandusky no longer worked for him and after bringing it to the attention of his superiors who's to say they didn't tell him they notified the police?

IF it comes out that he was in any way shape or form involved in covering this up OR even negligent with how it was handled, then yes, he's done and his legacy should even be forgotten, but let's see over the next week.
So if you were Joe and a assistant told you he saw Sandusky anal raping a ten year old boy you wouldnt feel obligated to do more than just tell your superior? I am surprised to hear that from someone with a kid.
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