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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=Alkazar link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=255#255 date=06/14/02 at 14:50:34]

Hey ND, it's great to be back, even if its only once in a while. Unfortunately, we're still stuck waiting. The doctors want to leave the baby in the womb until it gains more weight (they say she currently weighs less than 3 pounds and there could be health issues) so we're stuck in a holding pattern. All the legal aspects have been cleared up as I understand it, so once the Doc gives the ok, everything will probably happen pretty quick.
Other than that, I'm still searching for employment. I'm hoping that with the upturn in the economy, jobs will start opening up again.[/quote]

Thanks for the update, Alkazar! Although the waiting must seem interminable, if your daughter's less than 3 pounds, it probably is best to wait as long as they can. (I'm assuming that her birth mother will be having a C-section?) My smallest baby (one of the twins) was just under 5 lbs. and he was tiny... of course, he and his brother were also a month premature, as is often the case with twins. We'll keep you, your wife and daughter... and the birth mom... in our prayers.

Good luck with the job search, too... hopefully the right opportunity will open up for you soon.
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