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Originally Posted by Powderaddict View Post
And when he does get an open man he overthrows hi 5-10 yards.

I agree he's not getting many favors from the plays called, but at the same time he's making the plays called look terrble by his lack of execution.

It's not that he looks like a young QB with a few things to work on. He needs to work on EVERYTHING.
He also had receivers drop more balls than he threw high. One was high because it was a jump ball to a single covered Thomas, who didn't leave his feet. He threw one ball that went right through a receivers hands, only to hit another reciever in the hands and drop to the ground... Royal had like five balls hit him in the hands or go straight between his hands.

You guys only blame Tebow for this horrible receiver play. It was really stupid to give away the two top receivers...

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