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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
But behind that line Orton was never sacked as much as Tebow has been. Nothing has changed but the QB and the league already has the book on how to beat him.
Ok, I have to call you on this...

Orton had Clady-level talent watching his backside... Tebow has Franklin.

Running game
Orton had McGahee moving the chains... Tebow has Moreno.

Passing game
Orton lived off Lloyd talent... Tebow now has a shuffled deck of players that did him no favors last game.

Had the book on how to use Orton... Still have no clue on how to use Tebow.

Now this is just a few of the obvious stuff without even getting into play calling and protection packages...etc.

but none of this matters right? apples to apples...

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