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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
Yep eyes were failing me on that pic...

But you have to admit rev they didn't have to sell out... this was EASY. We will see if the screen game comes alive next week, but I seriously doubt it. Spies and delayed blitz's have worked so far.
We can just assume anything we want to...

Here's what I KNOW: Miami developed a successful blueprint vs Tebow and Detroit executed it even better. We're most likely going to see the SAME thing @ Oakland.

This is all I want: Quick hits over the middle and into the flat when he reads blitz. Two TE sets (12 or 22 personnel packages) when it's a slow developing 7+ step drop. Etc.

I don't think that's too much to ask nor does it absolve him of any responsibility in the performance. But let's try to eliminate those things that are wreaking havoc on his fundamentals so we can give improvement a fighting chance.

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
IMO, with all the trash teams are throwing at the middle of the field it might be time to bring back the bubble screen... Does he throw that well enough? Or is that an automatic pick six with his wind up and the coverage?
That's a good question.

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
Hell I don't know... If things look this bad next week you guys may have to add a NCAA QB segment.

TJ: "So Pat how about that RGIII kid? Could he and Tebow run the dual QB A-11 offense."

Rev: Nom, Nom, Nom... Halloween Candy
I don't like Griffin
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