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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Theres a minimum of 6 rushers in those three shots and not 5. In the first one, seven rushers. Your old eyes are failing you

And if it were a blitz of 5, with a spy AND a guy floating underneath zone... well, you should add up those match ups because it doesnt work

Also screens are more effective vs man than zone, ftr.

And I also do wonder about the WRs getting open.
Yep eyes were failing me on that pic...

But you have to admit rev they didn't have to sell out... this was EASY. We will see if the screen game comes alive next week, but I seriously doubt it. Spies and delayed blitz's have worked so far.

IMO, with all the trash teams are throwing at the middle of the field it might be time to bring back the bubble screen... Does he throw that well enough? Or is that an automatic pick six with his wind up and the coverage?

Hell I don't know... If things look this bad next week you guys may have to add a NCAA QB segment.

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