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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
thanks for the supporting evidence (I think?)... Man coverage with a spy on him, (yes in those 3 shots they rushed 5... not what I would call selling out) Also, it seemed the spy always had the freedom to shoot in when he wanted... Not like he had to worry about the ball going over his head. On top of that they usually had at least one more defender floating in a short zone off the LOS.

IMO that kills the screen game. Now of course there were times they brought the house and if tim could read a defense he might have been able to check to a different play (I've been trying to tell you since August that the kid is not ready). But in the end...more times than not they successfully forced him to try and beat man coverage, without risking much too much.

Now the one thing I do wonder... was anyone open?

I'm wondering if our WR's collective pity party is showing up in the reads/routes? If thats what is going on, again, I feel for the kid.
Theres a minimum of 6 rushers in those three shots and not 5. In the first one, seven rushers. Your old eyes are failing you

And if it were a blitz of 5, with a spy AND a guy floating underneath zone... well, you should add up those match ups because it doesnt work

Also screens are more effective vs man than zone, ftr.

And I also do wonder about the WRs getting open.
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