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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I didn't mean it sound like you were being MacGruder-like. I apologize if that's how I sounded. As I said, you raise valid points concerning the line, the play calling and the bad defensive play. But you seem to make a heavier case against the other support elements not doing your job. Certainly they didn't help, but the long and short end of this game was how terrible the quarterbacking was and I think you pulled your punches a bit.
I may very well sound like that. Haven't re-listened so ill identify points when I have time when I get home in a bit.

As for pulling punches and emphasizing the supporting elements. No ****. What's there to say? He played like ****, held the ball too long in cases, had poor footwork, hesitated, etc. Boom, nothing left to talk about with it just a few sentences later and Mike covered it before the question even got to me. Should we just have case closed and stopped the show or discussed the whole team? And what did I say that you disagree with? Really anything?
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