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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Mike nails this. You can nit-pick playcalling, the defense had some issues, but 75% of this game being so ugly was the offense failing to sustain drives, turnovers and just bad quarterbacking.

TheRev tries to push blame on the line, the system and everyone but Tebow. At the end of the day it was Tebow holding the ball too long, failing to read the defense, his inability to take the ball from center basically telling the Lions defense what we are doing every play, and horrible mechanics affecting his accuracy in the rare case he did make a read and attempt to execute.

Franklin got mauled, Beadles is bad, a lack of screens and draws (do they know what a draw play is?) are factors. But behind that line Orton was never sacked as much as Tebow has been. Nothing has changed but the QB and the league already has the book on how to beat him.

1. When he goes under center, it's a run. If he attempts to throw it won't work so just play run.
2. When he's in the shot gun spy, blitz or both.

We wouldn't have won if someone besides Tebow was the QB outside of Manning or Rogers, but Tebow makes everything ten times worse.
I mention at least a half dozen times that none of that excuses his performance, that he played awful and that the bottom line falls on him, but okay man...
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