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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
The lions absolutely stacked the box and kept people around the LOS watching for the scramble or screen. The game plan was to make him stay in the pocket and make his reads.

Seriously watch a few series and count how many times there are 7+ lions within 3-4 yards of the LOS. This wasn't about the pass rush it was about containing him.
Those are called "blitzers"...

I'm sorry but this isn't an opinion post. Everything I've said is easily checked. In fact, here's some visual proof:

The Decker should've been a TD play. 7 Lions. 6 blitzers, 1 spy turned delay blitz.

Tulloch sack. Which should be a blitz tip off considering he's a LBer. Anyway, this one is only 6 vs 5.

Avril's first sack and FF. 6 on this play.

Then there's the notion of "Stopping the run to force him to beat you with the pass"...

Of course that theory has to completely ignore the 195 yards rushing at 6.5 ypc Denver had (132 for 6.6 ypc if you remove Tebows ground production).
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