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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
^ Actually that

To emphasize the point. If you look back on his seven sacks and just stop the frame a second into the play, you're usually counting 7 Lions vs 5 Broncos :/ And TWO of those Broncos are Franklin and Beadles so it's more like 7 v 3. I think there was only one sack play with 5 of less rushers and off-hand I believe it was one of the Avril plays.
The lions absolutely stacked the box and kept people around the LOS watching for the scramble or screen. The game plan was to make him stay in the pocket and make his reads.

Seriously watch a few series and count how many times there are 7+ lions within 3-4 yards of the LOS. This wasn't about the pass rush it was about containing him.
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