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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
As always good job folks...

One thing i do not understand... why are people calling for screens?

With man coverage, 8 in the box and a spy on Tebow, i don't see how a screen would have been successful. Unless of course we were looking to set up some 3rd and 12's.
Originally Posted by jhns View Post
They brought 6+ guys a lot. That is exactly what a screen is meant to counter. They didn't play a spy alk the time. You are asking a question and acting like they ran the same play all game. That is just not a good argument. In fact, it is an extremely lazy and irrational argument.
^ Actually that

To emphasize the point. If you look back on his seven sacks and just stop the frame a second into the play, you're usually counting 7 Lions vs 5 Broncos :/ And TWO of those Broncos are Franklin and Beadles so it's more like 7 v 3. I think there was only one sack play with 5 of less rushers and off-hand I believe it was one of the Avril plays.

The "8 in the box stopping the run" is just a fallacy and our rushing total with Moreno and Lance Ball proves it.
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