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For sure the protection schemes and match ups on Defense befuddle me. The lack of any max protection on the other side of the ball I bet supervised everyone as well. I know it did me. I expected screen city out there this week.

At this point all I can come up with is we are still in FULL evaluation mode. We're still not really game planning at all IMO at this point in time. It's like back in High School when the coach would call out the plays to the Defense to really see who could beat who one on one match ups.

It's trial by fire, sink or swim for many players right now. Who said we were going to have abbreviated training camps & no OTA's this year? Fox obviously didn't get that memo because we're still in ours! Will the season ever really start for us this year? Who the hell knows.

No help, no masking, no scheming. Just beat your guy one on one or pack your bags in January.

We're stuck in perpetual preseason mode. I just hope that it's all worth it in the end. That we can really nail down what moves are needed in the off season and the FO is willing to do it.

Some may view it as setting players up to fail. And in a real sense... it is. But for evaluation purposes not some twisted machiavellian conspiracy. I get it.... but it's damn frustrating to watch knowing everyone else is playing football while we're still practicing....
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