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15:00 mark ...

Yea I totally couldn't understand the lack of screens. I won't bash the overall play calling because who knows why they call what they call at this point and I'm sure others will...

But the screens... I always thought you almost would start running them out of necessity at some point in games where your line/protections are getting killed. I mean sure you call them at your own leisure as well but all my life when teams are getting smoked up front on O you always hear the guys in the booth talk about the team needing to call some screens to HELP out their line.

It's like whoever calls the plays for us refuses to adapt to what is happening on the field.
A little Mike Martzish in ways. A little to much I'm CALLING THIS !!!! and I don't care what I've seen all game or what has worked and hasn't.

It's like they don't even understand paper, rock, scissors sometimes...
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