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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!,1299,DRMN_17_1196110,00.html

Smith back on the run
As Broncos' camp looms prolific WR shakes off rust in workouts

In this article, towards the bottom:

STILL GOING: Smith might have been slowed by a stress fracture and two sprained ankles, but that hasn't kept him from participating in the team's voluntary off-season conditioning program. This will be his eighth year making 100 percent of the workouts.

Players recently completed the 10th week of the 12-week, 56-day program of running and lifting. Desmond Clark will complete his fourth consecutive year of 100 percent attendance and George Coghill his fifth.

HEAVY LOAD: When Tuten put together homemade wooden blocking sleds for the Broncos' conditioning program, his goal was to have players push the 225-pound monsters four times up and down the 50-yard-long field inside the team's practice bubble. Friday, all of the backs completed six sets of sled drills. Offensive linemen performed eight sets. Two players - rookie fullback Will Bartholomew and offensive linemen Michael Lies - did 12 apiece.

Of course, that only meant more work for Tuten.

"I did 14 (Friday)," he said. "I have to stay ahead."

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