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Originally Posted by broncoblue View Post
how much to blame lies on him for our embarrassment?
is it dragged over from shanny hangover? dragged over from mcd? mr b?
how did it come to this?
It started with Bowlen making a rash decision then not sticking to a plan and instead hiring a punk with very little NFL experience because he was afraid KFC would hire him and he would haunt him for 10 years.

It still amazes me that Bowlen would let mCd hire the dude who was busted twice for cheating. He must have expected lightning in a bottle, too bad we got a stinking turd in a burning paper sack.

mCd gutted the team, EFX are trying to build the team through the draft. They are using this year to evaluate what they have to work with and what to address next year.

mCd had no patience, he made rash decisions and got desperate quickly trying to win quickly rather than actually build a team that would withstand the long haul. Remember when mCd thought signing Ty Law was better than starting his own shiny new 2nd round pick he moved up to get?

We need to be patient with Fox, I could see mCcoy getting the axe as he was inherited from mCd and has done a poor job with both Orton and now Timmy but we need some long term stability at HC and DC. This franchise and fanbase has wanted to make the quick desperation tweaks rather than build the foundation. Having to waste 1st round picks on QBs every couple years hasn't helped.

Back when the Mercury program started NASA would send all the astronauts out to any and every function they could. It was one of the things the astronauts disliked the most about the program, they called it "time in the barrel".

Until we get the base of the team stabilized and rebuilt we Bronco fans will just have to do our time in the barrel. There is no quick fix, we have been subject to too many quick fixes that didnt work, we have no depth at all and little on the skill side, it will take time to build.

Hopefully Tim can get it going and make some progress, if not we will be drafting a new QB high next draft and then have to break in yet another QB which means even more time before winning consistently.
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