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I hit up the #Occupy HBG, Lanc & York this weekend:

Was interesting. Yep, there were some young people - but to me that's a given. Smiley I sort of "ignore" them a little bit. But was interesting to talk to some of them and just gauge where they are at. Most of them don't have any "answers", but they are genuinely concerned for the future. From speaking with them, I get the impression that they put their trust more in Gov't, than "Corporate". I shared some information with them about the ideas of collusion between big $ & Gov't and while the perception of corporate greed is valid - don't forget to focus on empowering the citizens and taking responsibility for gov't. Also gave them some stuff to read to just "food for thought it": (As in, be a student of business. Learn how it works. Don't get stuck making bad deals due to lack of knowledge.)

Also noticed many 30's, 40's, 50's there, met some vets, etc.

It wasn't NYC that's for sure. Was just a lot of people who don't understand why things are so difficult. Many of the sentiments of "bail me out", is a direct response of the Wall St/Bank Bail outs. I can understand the frustration. In our "system", only the very upper, and very lower ends of our society get "much" of the benefit with a lower pay out.

I grabbed some literature. Seen that the AFL-CIO is trying to "co-opt" their way in (ala the way the Tea-Party was). But, much of the actual #Occupy literature actually put Obama to blame on problems as well.

Just interesting on how it doesn't always match up with what is being "sold".

Oh!!! One other quick thing: I met my first ever Agent Provocateur! It was interesting. I heard him with some of the other people there and I had invited him to come over and chat with me. He did, and he didn't stay long. But it was pretty interesting.
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