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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
If we're going to draft a MLB with a top 10 pick he better be on par with Patrick Willis. This guy? Don't make me laugh...
Epic is just playing the flavor of the week game like he does in the politics forum so he can say he made some great visionary draft call.

Last week, Burfict.

This week, Trent Richardson.

Next week: . . .
2018 Denver Broncos GM (OM Mock Draft)

Draft Picks:

Round 1: 5th overall - Quenton Nelson, G - Notre Dame
Round 2: 24th overall - Ronald Jones, RB - USC
Round 3: 74th overall - Jamarco Jones, OT - Ohio State
Round 4: 109th overall - Jeff Holland, OLB/PRS - Auburn
Round 4: 128th overall - JC Jackson, CB - Maryland
Round 5: 161st overall - Tegray Scales, LB - Indiana
Round 5: 163rd overall - Jaleel Scott, WR - New Mexico State
Round 6: 182nd overall - Durham Smythe, TE - Notre Dame
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