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Nice job, man. I got a chance to catch most of it last night. Still prefer the original crew better, though. Montrose definitely adds and element of neutral, professionalism that I think keeps the whole thing more grounded and less like guys trying to out-do each other... which is where most podcasts go horribly wrong.

But, it stayed in mostly football X's and O's territory... and hence (at least for me) stayed interesting.

I love SoCal, but I think he does have a decidedly anti-Broncos FO stance... which is fine, but if there's no one to take an alternate view (and one does exist) ... that gets to be a little tiresome. That said, his pure football takes are great to listen to.

Oh, and the screening pass to Moreno was an audible at the line by Tebow. Well, I'm 98% sure I heard Tim say that in an interview.

The most disturbing thing about these podcasts is that I find myself agreeing with Taco on a regular basis.
I heard him say the td Run was his audible.