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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Vontaze, even in his own class isn't regarded as the best ILB. There is no consensus there, and if he came out in this draft he would not be worth the Top 10 selection we will be having. He is not a disciplined enough player and his weaknesses against the pass negate from him being such a high profile selection. This is quite an early projection, but it's quite possible he doesn't even get drafted in the first round if he declares.

I'd rather Manti Te'o be the MLB of the future for the Denver Broncos. 49 tackles, 6 for loss and four sacks already this college football season. I have no doubts that he will man the MIKE position for the team that drafts him for a decade.

Te'o > Burfict
After watching the ND Air Force game yesterday I am on the Te'o bandwagon. Great speed, good instincts, didn't miss tackles. The option offense that Air Force runs gives the MLB plenty of opportunities to make plays. It was fun to watch him out there.
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