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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Had he forced the fumbles and recovered em, for sure. An INT is simply more valuable than a FF and a TD much more valuable than either.

Quite frankly, an extra 7 in week 1 (or 3) puts Denver at 2-2 and a lot more optimistic moving forward.

Certainly not saying we made the wrong pick, but both have made large impacts so far into their careers and making absolute conclusions based on 4 games of hopefully LONG careers is the epitome of ridiculousness and why I tried to avoid even talking about it several times.

PS. He's really NOT getting torched at his position...
But Denver did recovered both forced fumbles so I'm not sure what you are saying an INT is more valuable than the 2 FF recovered by Denver. If the offense was semi compentent Denver would be 3-1 right now thanks in large part to Von Miller

Peterson's a rookie and is learning the ropes ala Shawn Springs back in the day but the jury is still out if he's quick twitch enough to remain at CB
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