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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Who just said how does Miller's 4 sacks compare to Peterson's one turnover and 7 points on a punt return.


Miller has 2 forced fumbles inside the oponents red zone setting up the offense to score 7 and win 2 games. Had they scored we are now 3-1.
Can't ask for more 4 games in. A direct impact on winning from the defensive side of the ball

Big wow Peterson returned a punt for a TD but is getting torched at this postion is on pace to be the next Antrelle Rolle

What we really need to do is trade DJ and free up that $5MM to pay a decent CB like Joesph to start opposite Champ. That would have been a coup and a great FA move
Had he forced the fumbles and recovered em, for sure. An INT is simply more valuable than a FF and a TD much more valuable than either.

Quite frankly, an extra 7 in week 1 (or 3) puts Denver at 2-2 and a lot more optimistic moving forward.

Certainly not saying we made the wrong pick, but both have made large impacts so far into their careers and making absolute conclusions based on 4 games of hopefully LONG careers is the epitome of ridiculousness and why I tried to avoid even talking about it several times.

PS. He's really NOT getting torched at his position...
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