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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
So, how would you compare him to Maualuga? From your description, it almost sounds like you think he's that kind of player.
Quite similar, but I think that Burfict has the edge as far as athleticism goes. The most glaring similarity is their weaknesses: lack of discipline and poor pass coverage. If Denver wants an ILB, they are going to have to find one who can cover the pass. Mays has been used in this role and been terrible. I think Burfict would breed the same problems already present on the roster.

It's Luke or Teo for me at ILB in this class if we're going to use a first-rounder on one because they have to be a three down player.

If Denver wants a two-down thumper, they don't have to pick one in the first three rounds. It would be pointless.
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