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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
According to Kiper he is the highest rated LB....maybe not consensus, but someone has him up there
Some do. Some have Teo and Luke Kuechly over him as well. Actually, most reputable places do. Burfict is not a Top 10 player in this draft, especially when he isn't the top at his position (note all those guys are 2013 ILB, like him). I'm not hating on Burfict either, just stating what is out there.

ILB is a real position of need considering Mays is a FA after this year anyways and I wouldn't count on Nate Irving at all. We whiffed on that one, especially when Mason Foster is producing madly for Tampa Bay.

The best all around linebacker out of the three is Luke, because he plays the pass so well and has top-notch instincts. I like Teo's discipline and instincts better than Burfict's, and feel he plays the run better than Luke, but that guy is in on every down making an impact. Burfict is the most aggressive of the three, but that doesn't mean he is the best.

Burfict is no Ray Lewis and is not a blue-chip prospect.

With that said, if we were able to net him somewhere outside the Top 25, go for it. Not before. The other two are better.
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