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Marquette King

My hope is Burfict Rd 1, Ray Ray Armstrong Rd 2 to replace Dawkins. While I like Quinton Carter, Ray Ray will be a playmaker in the league, something we need more of on both sides of the ball. But Vontaze & Ray Ray would be my ideal draft. Manti Te'o & Alameda Ta'amu are both very high on my list. Te'o isn't as flashy as Burfict but he's more instinctual. Burfict is more Al Wilson, Te'o reminds me of a DeMeco Ryans. Alameda Ta'amu is a straight 350 run-stuffing monster from Washington. it's possible we could nab him in the 2nd bit not likely. In the 3rd watch out for Lamar Miller RB, Miami. His combination speed, vision & power could make him an elite player at the NFL level
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