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You wanna bring back the Orange Crush? Here it is:

This guy plus Von Miller? Fuggedabout it.

I'm not sure where he's projected in the draft, but he looks like the second-best prospect of 2012 to me. Watch him take excellent angles to the ball and just blow people up. This is a pure MLB who savors the nasty grit in the wash on rushing plays. He'll get in the gap and blow up an offensive lineman like he's a wide receiver.

I really can't think of another MLB I have seen in recent years who is this much of an old school jaw-buster who plays with this much passion.

Now, I dont get much Pac 10 football here and I have only seen him play a few times, so I don't know if he is consistently this good. Maybe some of you guys who catch him weekly can fill us in.
He won't be a good pro. He is Rey Malauga. His speed is questionable and misses a lot of tackles.
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