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Champ Bailey

Originally Posted by Tyrant View Post
A little?? ASU beats Stanford last year if Vontaze keeps his cool. He's a massive head case.

However, he and Miller on the same time might literally kill a qb someday.
I like that he's a bit of a head case. He plays like he's furious. He's like the real Bobby Bouchet.

Troy Polamalu was criticized in that exact same way at USC. Polamalu too is a really soft spoken guy who flips a switch and becomes the most violent player on the field between the whistles. This guy has that Polamalu mentality in the body of a freak MLB.

I havent been keeping up with draft scouting up to this point, but I can't imagine that he's much lower than 2 or 3 on most people's boards.
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