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Champ Bailey

The Meanest Man in College Football:

“For every great story you have about Vontaze,” says Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, “another guy on another team will say he has one better.”

“I know one thing,” says Oregon State coach Mike Riley. “Somebody is taking a blow every play (Burfict is) on the field.”

From near academic casualty to a player former USC coach Pete Carroll whined about upon losing the recruiting battle to Arizona State, Burfict now is arguably the most gifted—and complicated—player in the game.

"...the play against Washington in 2009, when Burfict shot the gap on a fly sweep, knocked the guard off his feet and made the tackle. During film study, coaches replayed the moment over and over in sheer disbelief.

“I swear to God, he decleated a 325-pound guy,” Moos says. “You wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t on film.”

Or the play last year against Oregon, a game many NFL scouts say defines Burfict’s talent—which lies in his ability to chase and pursue from one side of the play to the other without giving up ground or explosive power—because the Ducks run read option plays where the quarterback reads the defensive tackle and directs the flow of the play away from his pursuit.

Burfict shot the gap, knocking Oregon guard Carson York into the backfield and forcing Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas to commit to handing off to tailback LaMichael James. Burfict then tackled both York and James—460-plus pounds of player—at the same time for a 5-yard loss.

“You’re thinking he can’t do that,” former Oregon center Jordan Holmes says, “and then he does it, and you’re left thinking, Holy cow.”


This guy idolizes Dick Butkus and Ray Lewis. He's 6'3" 250 and hits like a ton of bricks. I don't think I have seen another player in college hit like this guy. There is so much power in his lean. He's going to make running backs pay in the NFL.

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