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So how many people are following Raj on Twitter?
Not enough baby!

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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Unfortunately I have to agree the tone was overly negative for my taste.
I was thinking about this earlier. First and foremost, I need to remind myself the vast difference in audience between terrestrial radio and podcasting for a fan forum, the sophistication is just on another level. With that, I'd classify "bad radio" as hosts specifically trying to elicit an emotion from their listeners by picking on a game, player, coach, etc. In this instance, a large-picture issue of the state of the organization and its structure came about naturally without pre-planning (which generally makes for the best conversation) and their were some legitimate concerns brought up that were supported by anecdotes and examples. In addition, it was on a topic rarely if ever discussed on main-stream formats so I found it fresh and unique for one show. I suppose a natural follow-up could be a rebuttal (from you maybe?) on why the organization IS (or may be) moving in the right direction, why the structure IS (or may be) appropriate to rebuild the franchise, etc.

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Montrose is going to be a Star
Thanks broski!

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I was surprised Raj brought Shanny up more than the three of you combined.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't bring it up because the other three co-hosts are massive fans of Shanny - it was obviously something everybody on this site knows and considering how much the landscape has changed I thought it was appropriate to bring up in those situations to get their take on him - especially considering the "big picture" undertone that this show took opposed to the recap last week's game and get ready for this week's contest feel we've had the last few weeks.

With that, I've certainly noticed a paradigm shift on my behalf, overally I'm as emotionally uninvested to the team as any time in the last 15 years - despite the fact I spend more time around it than ever. There are a few reasons for that: the obvious one being the professional change my life as undertaken but also there's the factors of getting older, life re-priortization, etc. As I look back on my feelings in 2008/2009 I realize so much of what I believed and the way I interpreted those feelings was based on heavy emotion. As I stand back now and look at other team's decisions (in all sports) without that connection I realize that making rash decisions based on that emotion may not be for the best.

For example, a co-worker of mine who is a Red Sox fan was so charged up after their collapse he championed the exit of Terry Francona and I could only equate that to the way I felt in 2008 after the collapse here in Denver. Now while I would disagree with Taco that I remain unsold that the foundation here was on its way to greatness, I can clearly say that logically it made more sense to continue moving in that direction based on the evidence at that time. I was clouded by emotion, and suddenly the emotion took over my logic and I was happy about the change and rallied with belief around the new one despite the fact I was relatively content with it until about mid-way through 2008 and only after the firing began to self-justify why this was a wise move.

Obviously my emotionally-charged logic has been proven wrong and again while I'm not sold in the least the Broncos were on their way to competing for another Super Bowl, it certainly would've made more logical sense at the minimum to wait a few more days if not weeks before making any decision, putting more thought and structure to any potential change if it were to happen and finally considering the long-range financial and structural impact of making these massive moves so close to a pending NFL lockout and shift in the league's structure.

Obviously it's easy now as a Monday Morning QB, but I can now look at that instance and think to myself that if I could go back in time and advise Joe Ellis on what to do - I'd say, "It's not the greatest time, give him one more year to see the improvement but maybe put a little heat on him." If the 2009 season had shown little change or even a step back - it would've made more sense in a lot of ways. And there's always the chance (some, but not me, would argue inevitiability) that they would've made massive improvements in scoring offense, eliminating turnovers and overall defense - putting the franchise on the door steps of competing for another Super Bowl.

I'd say my line of thought has shifted quite a bit there as I become less of a fan each day and more of a story-teller/observer. In a way it's sad because this is what I've always wanted to do - and now I'm doing it - but you realize how it it's not as much "fun" as you'd think covering a football team would be. Then a wait a minute and think about all the ****ty jobs I and others have had and realize that giving up "fanhood" is well worth getting paid to bull**** about sports all day for a living.

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Btw, for Montrose, you asked me a question specifically last night and I was really so dumbfounded about it I couldn't put it into the appropriate words, but I think this might.

Regarding when you were comparing Champ to Harris and Lloyd to Willis about "best chance to win" and the gap between them and contrasting it with Orton and Tebow and the gap between them potentially being even bigger:

Who's more talented, Champ or Harris?

Who's more talented, Lloyd or Willis?

Who's more talented, Orton or Tebow?

...and the gap between them might be bigger than the other spots.

That's awesome. I desperately, desperately wish you could call into some Denver-sports stations. I'd venture to say 75%-plus of the talent in town either directly says or at least implies that anyone thinking Tebow could actually play at the NFL is a moronic fan that doesn't understand football and unfortantly, the majority of callers come across that way and those that don't get so angry and abrasive they're cut off quickly and dropped. These shows need to hear from a fan with a greater football IQ than them who can control his emotions and eliquently explain why Tebow not only could play but is a better option than Orton.

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