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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by GreatBronco16 View Post
I think this was the best one yet. You need to keep Rev in there. I loved his takes and how he kept it real. All and all a great podcast.

However, the opening was kinda lame IMO. The music went way to long after you started talking.

TJ had the right Idea having someone do a voice over Intro but the bumper music was on the right idea/plane but the music was lame.

DEATHSicle will have to throw something together over the weekend and call up some options for Taco to pick from.

He had the right idea of talking over the bumper music while bringing the volume slowly so there was an even transition from Intro to the start of the Podcast.

I thought it was well done and the production values have increased every week.

If they could all pop for a $100-150 USB Blue Yeti Pro mic the sound quality would be much better.
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