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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
I dont listen to these and this is one of the reasons why. Mike is allowed to talk. He has not been an objective fan since Shanahan got rightfully fired. He hates everything about the Broncos starting with Bowlen and Im sure he hates Elway now too.

Having him on there discredits the whole thing for me despite my desire to want to listen to guys like Kaylore and Rev talk.

Nothing...NOTHING will ever be good enough. Mike is of that instant gratification generation. This team has about 6 NFL starting players, and 18 or so quality backups. Its going to take years to undue the mess of ****ty (Defensive) drafts from the two prior regimes. Add to the fact that McDaniels traded away most of the good ****ing offensive talent (sans Cutler, **** that douchenozzle Im glad he's gone), and we have a LOT of work to do.

THere shouldnt be any bright sides section but to summarily categorize everything about the team from the Owner on down to the waterboy as crap is ludicrous and emotional drivel that's not worth listening to.
You're right, you haven't listened.
I'm sure if you did, that your personal takes on these guys will change.
I have come to appreciate the contributions of these guys even more now since I've been listening to the podcasts.
I like Rev, probably just as much as he likes me , and the same with Kaylore, but my attitude towards them is different now.
They all were great, and of course the rest of the panel, Raj, Taco, Mike, etc...

There was a lot of Bronco stuff I wanted to hear. They all did a great job.
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