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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
I'm sure there are better guests to be had. Like Drek, Mediator etc.

Actually, I would love to hear Wabbit chime in on the podcast if he was still around. He would be the Adam Schefter of the podcast.
To me, if you can get guys like Mediator on... you do it every time they want to be on.

JMO, but I just have little or no interest in hearing the average guy around the forum, outside of a call-in type situation. What's made this thing pique my interest is the talent Taco selected to do it. He managed to pick three of the very best, imo.

Anyway, look forward to catching next week's show if time allows. Thanks again to Taco for putting it together. Best thing the OM has done in a long time, imo.
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