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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I am too. And don't mistake my feeling that the podcast was a negative one for thinking you guys did poorly or said anything wrong in a general sense. 1-3 coming off a 4-12 season doesn't leave anyone with much objective optimism. I just think there are some things we're doing well and there are some things that are fun to watch on the team.
Oh I know. The only reason I'm really pushing for specific examples are so TJ has something tangible to look at when he's preparing for next week's show.

As far as I'm concerned we DID address everything that Denver's doing well (I did want to talk about Allen doing a lot of under looks to try and keep Von near the LOS, but couldnt crowbar that into any of my ramblings either) sadly.

And we were nicer than you expected:

"I expect a 45 minutes will be about how Fox is terrible for not starting Tebow, and then 15 minutes lauding the praises Mike Shanahan."
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