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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
This is something else I wanted to mention during the podcast but wasn't able to jam it into to any of my ramblings.

At one point Simms mentioned your sentiment and suggested jamming the GB WRs at the LOS to disrupt the timing.

...but we simply don't have the CB talent to do that. Quite frankly, even Champ isn't a great press corner. The defense would get really beat up at the LOS and give up some big plays. The way they're doing it is for the best.

Strictly philosophically:

Man coverage - Buy time for pass rush to sack passer (you see this paying dividends in conjunction with Miller's athleticism and talent)

Zone coverage - Read the QB and turnover the football

That's EXTREMELY basic, but it might help someone.
Champ has always relied heavily on looking into the backfield to key on the QB to anticipate the throw, when playing press he would have to keep his eyes on the WR and decide which side to give up and hope the rush can get there or that he can jump the pass. To reliably bump at the line you really need physical corners who can jump to contest passes and if you don't have 2 safeties over top you need outside linebackers who can take away the inside pass since the CB can't give up the outside routes.
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