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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
Then what is the advantage of telgraphing a LB blitz, pressing up a safety and then running the corners back....have the corners have the option to jump a slant or curl and hope they don't have time to run a double move?

All we were giving up were intermediate routes in front of the coverage and I guess hoping that they either a) dropped the pass or b) missed a block up front and allowed us to get a quick sack.

I would have rather lined up and ran straight zone at them that entire drive and at least have Rodgers guess where to go with the ball. It woiuld have taken away the pass rush but at least we are making the kid think back there. We were basically telling him where to go with the ball before the snap.

It goes back to what we were talking about before. If we had better cover safeties it would give us the option to press and get help over the top. When we were pressing Dawkins up to the line Rodgers knew the corners had to play soft.

That drive really sucked the life out of me because it brought back bad memories. At one point I think I even yelled at Lenny Walls by accident
I don't particularly remember being frustrated by Denver telegraphing blitzes or even particularly noticing it. It didn't make a cameo into my notes, but, that being said it wasn't far into the game when my notes went to hell and I started pounding neckbeards (copyright myself and taco)

But to answer your question, there ARE uses for telegraphing blitzes and they're primarily to influence the opposing teams protection schemes. Force them into max protect, make them adjust to create better stunting lanes, etc.
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